How I Found the Artist Within

It all started 5 years ago when I was so focused on work that I needed an outlet. I found a jewelry course, did my research, and voila!!! The perfect match—a nationally certified long distance school established in NYC. It sounded legit, so I enrolled. As I took my classes, did projects, and completed assignments, my evaluations were excellent and I became more dedicated. Here I am now, after leaving my profession and workplace of over 23 years, to be an artist.

The process was not that straight forward. As with most things that are worth something, the transition was not easy. Many things came up as part of my development, not only as a jewelry designer and maker, but also as a business women. Throughout my schooling, while dealing with my 9 to 6—which turned into a 24/7 commitment—job responsibilities and family situations arose. Some events were very good, like the wedding of our oldest daughter, and others not as exciting, as with my husband's heart surgery. All of these circumstances contributed to a more profound relationship with my religious believes and a deep connection with God, leading me to a place of inner peace that shows in my creations, allowing me to design and make little pieces of art. Talk or write to you soon...

Agnes Haddad