Naming the Collections

When I was growing up I did not like my name. I thought my personality and spirit (then) did not match it. I felt like a "Margarita" kind of girl. Even "Teresita", which is my mother's given name, felt more suitable. 

Years ago, I heard a speaker who said that our names are very important and that we must embrace them and that the person who picked them is also meaningful. That lecture left me dad chose my name and all my life I have been "rejecting" him by disliking what he chose. That day I started to love my name, saying it with pride instead of shame. I looked up its meaning, studied its origin, and learned the story of the Catholic saint that had it. Now I embrace “Agnes”. I’m not a saint, but I carry all of the qualities and characteristics that the name holds. Although it's associated with purity and chastity, it also evokes "a very kind and intelligent person, often creative and tireless in reaching set goals." It also embodies “a very outgoing sociable person; someone you definitely want to be around!"

When we had children, my husband and I thoughtfully chose their names. They are a unity of us without taking away their individuality. Now I am giving every collection a name, and the pieces will represent the attributes of the name.

I want every person to be empowered by what the pieces represent and are meant to be. Every one has a significance and purpose. What you wear and how you wear it, from the simplest earrings to the most elaborate necklace, represents you and how you would like to project yourself to others. You can tell how you feel inside by the way you present yourself. An item could evoke kindness or courage, and that will determined how and when to wear it based on what you want to convey to the world. Every detail says it all. 

As you know, the first collection we launched was called "Rose", which is related to the color pink, but has quite a number of qualities as a name. I am naming my summer collection Emerald, inspired by Colombia, where you can find the world's finest emeralds. Emerald is also the gem that represents the 55th wedding anniversary. I relate to both because I traveled with my parents to Colombia right after they celebrated their 55th anniversary. Although I do not use precious stones in my pieces yet, they will resemble characteristics and qualities of a person named Emerald, as well as those of Colombia. Keep following us and be the first one to see the selection in one of our events or on the website. Talk or write to you soon!

Jovanna Haddad